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The definition and design of IP Optics Lens

Views: Date£º2012/3/2

LEDs do not take kindly to being used in dirty environments or where there is a risk of exposure to water. With this in mind Shenzhen Hongxuan Optoelectronic Tech Co., Ltd ( )  has developed optics that can be effectively integrated into IP rated systems to provide protection for the LED components underneath without impairing the performance of the optic.

IP stands for Ingress Protection, as defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission*. There are two digits used to define the sealing effectiveness of an enclosure or component against the intrusion of foreign bodies (e.g., tools, dust, fingers, and moisture).(


The Shenzhen Hongxuan Optoelectronic Tech Co., Ltd ( Rated Optics Lens incorporates a number of key features:

1.A regular hexagon side-wall around the inner optic to provide the necessary barrier
2.A suitable mounting platform at the base of the side-wall
3.Kinematic pegs on the underside of the optic to ensure accurate alignment to the LED
4.High quality aspheric optic design
5.High continuous temperature operation up to 125degC

If you choose IP Rated Optics Lens,We recommend using the above several combinations.Of course,you can also use other combinations.