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Seoul Acriche A3 20degree LED lens(HX-CPC-P7M)

Seoul Acriche A3 20degree LED lens(HX-CPC-P7M)
  • Model:HX-CPC-P7M
  • Dimensions£º¦µ37.5mm H19.3mm
  • Transmittance£º93%
  • For LED£ºSeoul Acriche3
  • FOV£º20 deg
  • PDF£ºLed Lenses-HX-CPC-P7M.pdf
  • PDF link£ºDownload
  • Release Date:2015-04-20
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Product Description

Model: HX-CPC-P7M
Lens: ¦µ37.50mm  H19.30mm
Cone holder: N/A
Cylinder holder: N/A
Lens: Optical Grade PMMA
Assembly Dimensions:
Lens with cone holder: N/A
Lens with cylinder holder: N/A
Surface Treatment: Matte(Frosted) surface
Beam Angle: 20 deg
For Led: Seoul AW3220,P7
Certification: SGS   RoHs

High efficiency
Available in 1 beam Patterns
Optimized for uniform effects
Lens with holder
Typical applications:
Stage lighting
Street lights
Decorative light
Architectural lighting
Down light
Underwater light

AX32X1 LED Descriptions:
1.Acriche series is designed for AC source operation and high flux output applications.
2.Acriche is a semi-permanent and environmental friendly semiconductor lighting that can be used in AC without additional device.
3.Acriche's thermal management perform exceeds other power LED solutions.It incorporates state of the art SMD design and Thermal emission material.Acriche is ideal light sources for general illumination applications.

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