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Luminus SSM-90 5deg led lens (HX-COB-B)

Luminus SSM-90 5deg led lens (HX-COB-B)
  • Model:HX-COB-B
  • Dimensions£º¦µ53.4mm H33.0mm
  • Transmittance£º93%
  • For LED£ºLuminus SSM
  • FOV£º5 deg
  • PDF£ºLed Lenses-HX-COB-B.pdf
  • PDF link£ºDownload
  • Release Date:2013-03-28
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Product Description

Model: HX-COB-B
Lens: ¦µ53.40mm  H33.00mm
Cylinder holder:¦µ56.40mm H35.70mm
Bipod striped cylinder holder: N/A
Lens: Optical Grade PMMA  PC
Assembly Dimensions:
Lens with cylinder holder:¦µ56.40mm H36.20mm
Lens with bipod striped cylinder holder: N/A
Surface Treatment: Polishing surface
Beam Angle: 5deg
For Led:Luminus SSM-80,SSM-90
Certification: SGS   RoHs

High efficiency
Available in 1 beam Patterns
Optimized for uniform effects
Lens with holder
Typical applications:
Stage lighting
Street lights
Decorative light
Architectural lighting
Down light
Underwater light

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